Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wedgie Proof Underwear

Jared and Justin Serovich, 8 year old twin boys from Columbus, recently invented wedgie-proof underwear. The child geniuses call their invention the Rip Away 1000, the undergarment simply rips away. Bullies beware.

I am quite envious of Jared and Justin; the only invention I came up with at 8 years old was a plastic, life-sized hand that would be used to hang coffee mugs. You would sit this hand on your kitchen counter and would be able to hang up to 5 mugs at a time on the hand - one on each finger!! I thought it would be a big hit at Spencers.

Check out an article and video below for more information about the Rip Away 1000!! a video of the boys describing their invention below.

Twins Invent Wedgie-proof Underwear

Rip Away 1000